Happy customers: training

After participating in Lyall’s Change Management Bootcamp, I decided to bring him into our organization to provide that same training to our entire Leadership Team. Lyall’s workshop proved to be instrumental in advancing our approach to change amongst the C suite. Lyall quickly established relationships based on trust and respect with our Leadership Team; his style and approach has resonated so well with our organization that ‘the people stuff’ is now top of mind as we advance new corporate initiatives.

Meredith Pilkington

Chief Human Resources Officer


Lyall is a high-energy facilitator who brings the topic of change to life. He injects energy, humour and stories from the trenches into his delivery. Lyall increased my confidence as a change capable leader.

Julie Schellenberg


Alberta Health Services

I run a variety of Executive Education programs at the University of Alberta. I have used Lyall Samaroden to teach classes on leadership and organizational change with amazing success. In short, clients LOVE Lyall! In addition, they also learn a lot about organizational change and leadership.

Marvin Washington

Professor and Department Chair

Strategic Management and Organization

University of Alberta

I’ve enjoyed numerous workshops with Lyall. Time and again, Lyall brings an energy to the conversation that engages participants. He draws on his wealth of experience to share stories and create experiences so learners understand and can apply key concepts back on the job.

Heather Christensen

Associate Dean

Executive Education, Alberta School of Business

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